Saturday, February 9, 2013

Rank List

Firstly, I apologize for the absence of blog updates. After I finished my time on Sports Medicine (and also finished most of my interviews), I flew to England and spent an amazing Christmas with my fiance and his family before returning to the US in the middle of January. After my much-needed time in England, I went off to a few more interviews, spent some time in Chicago, worked on ophthalmology for 2 weeks, and am now a week in to pediatric hematology and oncology. As you can see, I've kept myself fairly busy.

The underlying reasons why I haven't been updating you is that I:
1.) don't have much new to say
2.) have been busy with personal things such as wedding planning and holidays
3.) am patiently waiting for the rank lists to be submitted before I comment too much about interviews
4.) am actually not learning much interesting stuff at the moment, nothing worth writing about really - but that will change once I am able to be more involved with the rotations (ie once interviews and rank lists are submitted).

A few posts to look forward to in the coming weeks:

 - My holiday to England in photos and memories
 - How The Match works
 - Stories from my Interviews
 - Cities I've visited and experiences along the interview trail
 - My experience with the Step 2 Clinical Skills Exam
 - Gearing up for graduation
 - Match Day on March 15!!!!
 - Reflections from third year
 - A few frustrations from medicine

Stick around for the updates, coming in after February 20th!!
Thanks for sticking with me.