Sunday, December 2, 2012

Interview Season

My first interview went well. Actually, better than well - I love the program. It is so well organized, with such diversity in patient population and among residents. The program director really values education, and that is evident in their board passing rate and fellowship placements. The hospital staff was incredibly friendly, and I could see myself as a resident training there. Big deal, I know. This program will be listed high in my rank list - likely number 2. I was thrilled to receive a "thank you for interview with us" from the program director - I hope that means that they liked me as much as I liked them!

My number 1 ranked program scheduled my interview for this week. I already am very familiar with the program, and I know I love it there. My mind is made up, which is half the battle - it is a "match" process, after all, so I have to love it just as much as they love me! So there's only one thing left, and that's to impress them during the interview...but I am so intimidated by the way the interview is run at this program. It will be me in the middle of a room, surrounded by interns, residents, chief residents, attendings, and the program director. I'll be asked a bunch of questions, which normally I'm not too concerned about. The only thing I try to be is myself, but that's hard sometimes when you're intimated and nervous. So I'm going to do my best to let the real me shine through despite my nerves.

This is a really exciting time for medical students, travelling around the country and deciding where they want to spend their residency training. It is a lot of fun, meeting so many new people and learning about so many different programs, and reflecting in the past years of hard work that has led us to this point.

After this week of interviews (I have 3 this week), I'll be able to truly relax and enjoy the rest of my time as a medical student. I am so lucky to be achieving my dreams - I can't wait to see where the future will take me! Fingers crossed it will involve programs of either Rank #1 or Rank #2!!!!